Committed to innovate and create ever more values ​​for our customers

Moroccan Contractors Associates (MCA) is a global player involved in the entire construction value chain throughout Morocco, as well as sub-Saharan Africa.

The company manages and executes projects of all kinds, such as the construction, renovation and expansion of commercial, industrial, residential and institutional buildings. It offers value-added offers by focusing on innovation, quality, budget and time.

Committed to innovate in each of our projects and create ever more value for our customers. The expertise and know-how of a team of engineers, technicians and project managers is at their disposal to ensure their satisfaction.

Our vision

MCA's vision is to be the leading provider of construction and technical expertise in the markets we have chosen, sought by customers and potential employees for its performance in efficiency, reliability and performance. of profitability.

Our strategy

We are committed to differentiating ourselves by continually increasing our expertise in the execution of large, sophisticated buildings. MCA will always work at the highest level of security, quality and profitability, in order to remain as attractive as possible for its customers, employees and partners. Our success comes from our people, who strive to continually innovate, adapt to local markets and refine their skills. As a result of this strategy, MCA will continue to grow and increase its profitability.

Our flexibility

The most exciting aspect of the construction industry is that there are not two completely identical projects. With this in mind, MCA knows that it needs to be flexible and creative to meet a customer's needs and offer them a final product they can be proud of.


A highly qualified and totally dedicated team


Our human resources

Our experienced teams bring their technical knowledge, experience and ingenuity to the delivery of our construction services. Our human resources are the capital of our company. Thanks to their professionalism and commitment to customer service, our employees enable us to grow in a sustainable way.

It is in this perspective that the management of these resources focuses on prevention, safety, continuous training, well-being at work and respect for social rights. MCA takes security very seriously and is no exception. Our entire company is committed to excellence in safety and we believe we are an undisputed leader in safety.


We have production tools that allow us to land large markets


Specializing in structural work, MCA has all the technical and material resources at the forefront of technology to carry out all construction and renovation work.

MCA is constantly evolving and constantly investing in equipment to best meet both environmental and safety regulations.